Cautions for Use of LED Street Lamp

- Apr 07, 2019-

1. The device of LED street lamp should be installed in sunny day at all times. If the device is installed in cloudy and rainy days, it will not meet the requirement of depiction if it only consumes electricity and does not charge after lighting. The device of LED street lamp should not be turned on on on the day it is finished.

2. The viewpoint of LED street lamp battery panel is usually depicted by the manufacturer according to 45 degree inclination, so as to ensure better charging capacity in winter.

3. Connection of LED street lamp controller. Waterproof controllers should be used as far as possible to ensure long-term stability together, and to prevent users from changing the light-on time at will. If the non-waterproof controller is used, the connection terminal is bent downward and the connection is U-shaped, which can prevent water from spilling into the controller from the line.