How to maintain landscape lights?

- Jun 05, 2019-

1. Make maintenance plan and maintain regularly. In many cases, although people want to keep the landscape lights, they always forget, or when they think about it, they will repair and maintain it. In fact, landscape lights need regular maintenance, and random maintenance is not very effective.

2. Setting up maintenance telephone. It can be found that sometimes passers-by accidentally find a problem with the Landscape Lamp, but do not know who to tell to repair it. Therefore, setting up maintenance telephone and arranging personnel on duty in turn can avoid serious damage caused by long-term unattended repair of landscape lights.

3. Check the packing box regularly to ensure that there is no water infiltration in the packing box. Check regularly and keep records regularly. Do not destroy the rest of the box during inspection.

4. Establish patrol websites to maintain the system in a timely manner. When the network detects the problems of landscape lights, it can let people deal with them in time to avoid long-term treatment of landscape lights.