How to Maintain Solar Street Lamp

- Jun 25, 2019-

Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust

Because the solar street lamp pole is made of metal, the street lamp is outside for a long time, will be exposed to rain and wind, long time like this, he will be corroded and rusted, so, the solar street lamp pole must be hot-dipped galvanized treatment, so as to truly achieve anti-rust and anti-corrosion.


Maintenance of solar panels

Solar panel is one of the core parts of solar street lamp, because all the energy sources in the street lamp are from his power generation, because he is exposed for a long time, so for a long time, there will be dust on it, which will affect its power generation, so we must regularly clean the dust on the solar panel, so that it can really play its role.

Regular overhaul of illuminated solar street lamps

Once the solar street lamp does not turn on, it must be repaired. Otherwise, the whole solar street lamp system will be out of order for a long time. Therefore, once problems are found, they must be adjusted in time.