Reasons for LED Solar Street Lamp Failure to Turn on

- May 17, 2019-

1. First, check whether the battery indicator light of the controller is on, whether the connection between the controller and the battery is closed, whether the connection line is normal, use the multimeter to detect the battery voltage, whether the battery voltage is normal, and replace the controller.

2. Check whether the controller load indicator is on, and use the multimeter to detect the output voltage to see if there is a voltage output. If there is no voltage output, please replace the controller.

3. Check whether the input voltage of the LED street lamp driver is normal, and check whether the fuse of the LED driver is intact. If the fuse is in good condition, please use the multimeter to check whether the output voltage of the LED driver is normal. If normal, please replace the LED lamp head. If not, please replace the LED driver.