Requirements of LED Street Lamp in Manufacturing

- May 08, 2019-

1. Light conversion rate is 17%, (solar energy per square meter is 1000W, actual utilization efficiency is 170W).

2. At present, the street lamp lens materials on the market are all improved optical materials, with transmittance (>93%) and temperature resistance (-38-+90 degrees).

3. LED street lamp lens, mainly used for LED street lamp lens, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optical material, transmittance (> 93%), temperature resistance - 38 - + 90 degrees, anti-ultraviolet and ultraviolet `yellowing rate 30,000 hours unchanged, etc.

4. The average illumination of pavement illumination uniformity is 0.48. The spot ratio is 1:2.

5. Accord with road lighting. (The actual 1/2 of the central spot is 25 LUX, 1/4 of the central light intensity is 15 LUX, the minimum light intensity is 16 LUX is 4 LUX, and the overlapping light intensity is about 6 LUX.

6. It has good application prospects in new city lighting. Dimming depth, color and other characteristics do not change with dimming.

7. Adaptation humidity: <95%.

8. Quality assurance: 2 years.