Solar street light pole pole design

- Aug 23, 2019-

1. Introduction of solar street light pole pole design

Solar street light pole pole design

The lamp pole is an important part of the solar street lamp. What are the requirements for the lamp pole in the design of the solar street lamp?

1. The overall quality of solar street lamps must conform to the national standards for street lamp inspection.

2. The specifications of street lamps used in each street are different. The height of lamp poles and other parameters must meet the actual requirements of drawings and installation sites, and achieve uniformity.

3. The exterior requirements of the lamp pole are stricter. After all, the solar street lamp symbolizes the appearance of a city.

4. The lamp pole of solar street lamp must choose high quality and durable material.Product 

2. Parameter (specification) of the solar street light pole

Product name

Factory Price Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Solar Street Lighting Pole






3-35 m



Surface treatment

Hot-Dip Galvanized and electrostatic spraying



Arm type

Customized,single arm,double arms,triple arms

Base plate mounted

anchor bolts,nuts,screws

Powder coating

electrostatic spraying

Wind Resistance

Customized,according to customers' environment

Welding standard

Advanced submerge-arc welding technology according to BS EN15614

Thickness of galvanized

80-100 microns in average according to BS EN ISO 1461

The above configuration is only for reference and the actual configuration is designed according to the local climate conditions and the customer special requirements.

3. Product details of the solar street light pole

1.Introduction of solar street light pole pole design2.Production details of the solar street light pole

4. Application of the solar street light pole

3.application of the solar street light pole

5. Production process of the solar street light pole

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