Solar street light specification

- Aug 16, 2019-

Introduction of solar street light specification

solar street light specification

Solar street lamp as an outdoor street lamp, then the primary function of solar street lamp is lighting, but this lighting function does not mean that as long as the lights can be on. Solar street lamp lighting is to meet its lighting requirements, there are several standards, one is brightness requirements, to meet the relevant national standards; the second is lighting time, need to have enough lighting time at night, and finally safety standards.

Solar street lamps save solar energy for use at night during the day, so it is an important indicator to be able to turn on the lights in cloudy and rainy days without sunshine. Therefore, according to the local longest rainy and cloudy days to assess the number of days of self-sustained LED solar street lamps. Generally speaking, continuous rainy days may be around 5-7 days, so the length of time is qualified lighting solar street lighting products.

Solar street lamps are equipped with lamp heads and solar panels, and some are integrated with batteries on lamp heads. This kind of head-to-foot configuration is much higher than that of conventional street lamps, and the safety standards are naturally stricter. Therefore, the wall thickness and material processing requirements of the lamp pole should be higher, so as not to affect the long-term use.

Product Parameter (specification) of the solar street light specification

Product Parameter (specification) of the solar street light specification

The above configuration is only for reference and the actual configuration is designed according to the local climate conditions and the customer special requirements.

Product details of the solar street light specification

1.Production details of the solar street light

2.Production details of the solar street light

Application of the solar street light

3.application of the solar street light

Production process of the solar street light

4.Production qualification of the solar street lightProduct Certificate