What are the factors that affect the quality of solar street lamps?

- Jun 25, 2019-

1. Engineering quality

In order to achieve higher benefits, some installers consciously reduce the cost of the project, because the quality of the project may lead to 3-6% loss of power generation.

2. Best Planning

The objective of system optimization is to maximize the output of photovoltaic power generation system by examining the actual sunshine intensity, light reflectance, external environment temperature, the operation function of wind power generation system and the components and interactions of photovoltaic power generation system. Some power plants lack optimal planning while cutting power generation.


3. Equipment

In photovoltaic power plants, the primary equipment affecting power generation includes solar cell modules, shunt boxes, inverters and grid-connected infrastructure.

It is necessary to optimize matching continuously in the process of selecting power plant construction components. Solar street lamps use A and B grade solar cells, taking into account the quality of components. The effects of latitude, spectrum, temperature, masking, condition and wiring on the input of photovoltaic cells should be fully considered.

In the era of installation and construction, solar street lamp enterprises need fine control to avoid the delay of construction period; they need to select suitable qualified accessories to ensure the quality of the project and avoid unnecessary loss of power generation; and they need to protect and ensure the normal operation of solar street lamp as scheduled. Through these three points, you will have a clear understanding of the factors affecting the quality of solar street lamps. In the future, we will have a profound understanding of the quality of solar street lamps.