What are the installation methods of high pole lamp?

- May 23, 2019-

First of all, check the loading list carefully to see if all the parts are complete and whether the parts are damaged. If there is any damage, we should replace the parts in time. This is very important. If these problems are found after installation, whether they are replaced or repaired, they will be more complex.

Therefore, after a clear inspection before the device, the operation function will be improved and the type of rod body will be marked in each component of the high pole lamp. If there is a mismatch, it should be replaced, otherwise the subsequent operation will be more troublesome. When installing the equipment, it is necessary to install a suitable length socket at each splicing point.

In the process of equipment, some errors simply occur. In order to be convenient and fast, appropriate force should be applied at both ends to achieve a tight socket. In this process, we should not only pay attention to the close connection of equipment, but also ensure our own safety, which is the top priority of all our buildings.

After the completion of the high-pole lamp device, it should also be carefully checked, test the power supply, see whether it can work properly, whether the screw device is in place, whether there is local loosening, if problems are found, timely correction, give full play to its excellent functions.