What are the installation techniques of high pole lamps?

- Jun 19, 2019-

The debugging of lamp holder: It is not difficult to find that the gap between the hook ring and lamp holder is asymmetric, and the lamp holder inclines from a certain distance. Why? Didn't the lamp pole straighten out? Many people will be confused about this. In fact, this is not the case. I can tell you with great certainty that it is because the light hooks are not all hanging, only one or two. There are many factors leading to this situation, most of which are the uneven adjustment of the lamp and three lifting wire ropes, high or low, when the lamp rises. The lamp board must tilt and rise. When the lampshade contacts the hook, the first side of the contact hook must be able to hook, but because it is inclined, the upper side has not yet been hooked, and then up, the lower side can be hooked on the upper side has been decoupled, so no matter one or two hooks can be hooked.

Limitation problem: Lifting system of high pole lamp has its own stroke switch. The aim is to stop automatically when it reaches a fixed position. This function can avoid the danger of wire rope falling off because the lamp plate rises too high to the pulley platform. But lamp pole manufacturers often do not include travel switches, not because they are afraid of trouble, but installation of travel switches will cause a lot of trouble, such as switch failure, leading to the lamp can not rise and come down, and finally have to use cranes to solve this situation, which is not uncommon. If you don't add a stroke switch, there are some dangers. For example, when installed at night, the hook on the lamp pole can not be seen at all. It's dangerous to rise blindly by touching like this. If the whole thing is wrong, it will collapse. There is no dangerous way to install the stroke switch. That's the wire rope marking the hoist and making a scale next to it. When the lamp board enters the hook range, the marking on the wire rope below matches the scale. At this time, do not rise, switch to the downward mode, the lamp board hangs smoothly, which is simple and safe.