What are the shortcomings of solar street lamps

- Apr 10, 2019-

The lack of unified standards for street lamps and the rough manufacture and disorder of production enterprises have seriously affected the new energy and service life of solar street lamps. Many newly installed LED solar street lamps are damaged after less than a year of use. Installation units do not have mandatory requirements, there are large loopholes. Therefore, in the construction process, jerry-building and material reduction will not be solved after problems occur, which makes no one pay attention to the damaged street lights. One of the problems in the use of street lamps is the problem of electricity storage and weather. Solar street lamps are no exception. For some areas where sunshine is not visible all the year round, solar street lamps can not be used at all. These areas are under-illuminated all the year round, which seriously affects the use time of street lamps. Therefore, these areas can only use traditional electric lighting.