Will solar street lights be affected by insufficient sunlight in winter?

- May 28, 2019-

In fact, the normal condition of solar street lamps is not affected in winter. That is to say, as long as there is snow on the batteries and they are cleaned up by tools, the solar street lamps can continue to be used in winter.

However, if we encounter snow, it will be affected, especially in northeastern China, how much snow in winter, once the solar panels are covered by thick snow, it will affect the solar panels to receive sunlight, so that the solar street lamps will have no excess heat for street lighting power. Solar street lamps receive heat from the sun through solar panels and store it in their own batteries. In addition, when installing solar street lamps, we should fully consider the image and environment of other places. If snow accumulates all year round, we should be careful. Tens of millions of solar street lamp manufacturers are also fully considered in the development and manufacturing process. I believe that with the continuous renewal and improvement of technology, all cities will have no problem.