LED Lamp Post

LED Lamp Post

This kind of LED Lamp Post is a pole installed on the roadside to support the lamp. There are different types, such as stainless steel light poles, with hot-dip galvanized surface treatment.
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Product Details


This kind of LED Lamp Post is a pole installed on the roadside to support the lamp. There are different types, such as stainless steel light poles, with hot-dip galvanized surface treatment. The product life of hot-dip galvanized products in accordance with international standards can reach 15 years, most of them are used in courtyards, communities, parks and other places. The aluminum alloy light pole is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which not only protects the safety of personnel, but also has high strength, does not require any surface treatment, and is very beautiful. It also can be customized according to the requirements of clients. It wins a good reputation among clients due to high performance. 

Its surface is smooth, and there are no cracks, missing welds, continuous air holes, undercuts, or inequality. The linear error of the center line of the light pole does not exceed 0.02% of the length of the pole, the surface of the pole body has no unevenness and no trace, and there is no obvious defect in the appearance of the light pole. Its welding method is automatic sub-arc welding, ultrasonic flaw detection, and meets the requirements of welding GBl1345 class II standard. The lamp pole socket is fixed by using nails and top wires. It also adopts hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosive treatment, the zinc layer is not less than 75 microns, the surface is practical and smooth, and the color is basically the same. It does not peel or peel after the hammer test. 

Product Parameter 


3m to 35m or other heightcustomer requirement

Suit for

LED street lamp, solar street lamp, high pole street lamp, road lamp, monitoring pole, new special-shaped pipe street lamp, stainless steel landscape lamp, shape-making landscape lamp, etc


Conoid ,Multi-pyramidal,Columniform,polygonal or conical


Usually Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2
Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2
As well as Hot rolled coil from Q460 ,ASTM573 GR65, GR50 ,SS400, SS490,
to ST52



Torlance of the dimenstion

+- 2%

Optical assembly of lighting fixture

IP 65

Electroshock resistant protective grade

Grde I

The casing anti-corrosion performance

Class II

Working atmosphere of lighting fixture

-35 ºC~+45 ºC

Surface treatment

Hot dip galvanized Following ASTM A 123, color polyester power or any other standard by client required

Joint of Poles

Insert mode,innerflange mode,face to face joint mode

Design of pole

Against earthquake of 8 grade

Wind Speed


Minimum yield strength


Minimum ultimate tensile strength


Max ultimate tensile strength


Length of per section

Within 14m once forming without slip joint


We has past flaw testing.Internal and external double welding makes the
welding beautiful in shape.
Welding Standard :AWS ( American Welding Society ) D 1.1


1mm to 30mm

Production details 

1) Height is different: The height and thickness of lamp pole required by different lamps are different, and can be customized according to customer service and site requirements.

2) Anti-corrosion: Because the working environment of street lamp pole is outdoors, in order to prevent rust and corrosion of lamp pole and reduce its structural strength, it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of lamp pole.

3) Beautiful and durable: The lamp pole is usually made of steel conical lamp, which is easy to make various shapes, simple processing technology and high mechanical strength.

1.Production details of the LED lamp post

2.Production details of the LED lamp post


3.application of the LED lamp post

Production process 

4.Production qualification of the LED lamp post

6.all our solar led street lighting products

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