Explanation Of Relevant Regulations For Correct Installation Of LED Street Lamps

- Apr 29, 2019-

Firstly, the installation height (from light source to ground), elevation and lighting direction of LED street lamp on the same road should be kept consistent. The excavation dimension of foundation pit should conform to the design requirements. The strength grade of foundation concrete should not be lower than C20. The cable sheath in the foundation should pass through the center of the foundation and exceed the foundation plane by 30-50 mm. Before pouring reinforced concrete foundation, water accumulation in pit must be eliminated. The metal components used in the installation of LED street lamp, such as lamp pole, lamp arm, hoop, bolt and pressing plate, should be galvanized by hot dip galvanizing, and the quality of corrosion protection should conform to the relevant provisions of the current national standards.

The vertical center line of the LED lamp installation should be the same as the longitudinal center line of the lamp arm. The horizontal line of the LED lamp installation should be parallel to the ground, and there should be no obliquity in visual measurement after tightening. The LED lamp holder is fixed firmly, the adjustable lamp holder should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and the wiring of the lamp holder should comply with the regulations. Connections shall not be allowed in the LED lamp arm, lamp disc and lamp pole. The piercing orifice or pipe orifice shall be smooth and burr-free. Insulating sleeve or bandage shall be adopted, and the length of bandage shall not be less than 200 mm. All kinds of nuts are fastened, gaskets and spring pads should be added. The nut must not be less than two pitches after fastening.