High Frequency Electrodeless Lamp With High Energy Saving

- Apr 12, 2019-

There is no filament or electrode in the high frequency electrodeless lamp which the general lighting lamp must have. It consists of a hollow discharge lamp and a coupler. It is coupled to the lamp by induction through the electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator, which makes the gas avalanche in the lamp ionize and forms plasma. When plasma-stimulated atoms return to the ground state, they emit 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation. The phosphor on the inner wall of the bulb is stimulated by 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation to produce visible light. After the input of a certain range of power supply voltage, the high frequency generator generates 2.65MHZ high frequency constant voltage to the power coupler. The power coupler establishes a strong electrostatic magnetic field in the discharge space of the glass shell, ionizes the atmosphere in the discharge space, and produces strong ultraviolet light. The three primary phosphors in the inner wall of the glass bubble shell are stimulated by strong ultraviolet light. When the input power supply voltage fluctuates in a certain range, its luminous brightness remains unchanged. It mainly consists of three parts: high frequency generator, power coupler and glass bubble shell.

High frequency electrodeless lamp has a long life, no filament and no electrode, using high quality rare earth tricolor phosphor and anti-aging technology. The life span is over 60,000 hours, and the longest life is over 15 years. Generally, it can reach 6-8 years. It is more than 50 times the lifetime of incandescent bulbs and more than 10 times that of general gas discharge lamps. Extra long life, one installation, two major exemptions: exemption from maintenance management, exemption from high maintenance costs. High proportion of light, good visual effect, high power factor. No stroboscopic, eye protection, no fatigue. Multiple switches do not affect the lifetime and do not cause light degradation of ordinary electrode lamps.