How To Choose The Right Surge Protector For LED Street Lamp

- Jun 01, 2019-

First of all, we will understand what is led street lamp surge protector. The LED street lamp surge protector is also called arrester, lightning protector and overvoltage protector. It is used to prevent the damage of power supply system, control equipment and electrical equipment caused by lightning and transient overvoltage, and to protect the safety of transmission equipment and terminal equipment. AM10-12 (working voltage 12VDC, maximum current capacity 12KA) DC power source surge protection device is widely used in photovoltaic, mobile communication base station, microwave communication bureau, computer room, factory, civil aviation, finance, securities and other systems of DC power supply protection, also used for outdoor LED lamp head and controller surge protection.

So how do we choose and choose LED street lamp surge protector? In LED street lamp system, the most important part of surge protection is lamp holder and controller with high integration of electronic components. When lightning surge occurs, surge invades lamp holder and controller along transmission line. Instantaneous overvoltage will damage some electronic components, thereby damaging lamp holder and controller. The model selection of surge protector is based on the working voltage of the protected equipment. The working voltage of our common LED street lamp is 12V DC, so the surge protector of AM10-12 is generally selected, and the maximum capacity of the same current is 10KA.