How To Deal With The Intense Competition Of Solar Street Lamp Industry Correctly

- Apr 01, 2019-

No matter what stage of competition the industry is in, most of the main cities of solar street lamp manufacturers believe that only by knocking down the other side can they win. However, the final result is that, because resources are too expensive, or resources are too separated, not only did they not defeat their opponents, but they themselves were defeated and their vitality was greatly damaged. Moreover, since then, there has been almost no contact with competitors, and they have become strangers.

Faced with such a situation, manufacturers need to integrate resources if they want to grow up. Resource integration means that when enterprises study the market operating environment, they should not only consider the competition relationship, but also the cooperation between enterprises. However, the homogenization of business philosophy and products often brings vicious competition between brands, which restricts enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Solar energy street lamp manufacturers lighting wealth concentration area is in Gaoyou Guoji Lighting Township, where there are more than a dozen street lamp industrial concentration areas, is the largest outdoor street lamp Market in the country, Jiangsu Kode Lighting Electric is located in the industrial park, we are well aware of the fierce market competition, in this industry state, integration will become an indispensable growth strategy for enterprises, five components of the system. Resource integration can not only improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also improve the quality of products and reduce costs for customers.

Integration is higher than competition. It is the high-level state of competition. It is the complementary advantages of competitors in many elements of enterprises, so as to realize resource sharing, market co-development and benefit sharing. As a manufacturer, we have always had a good reputation in the industry with an inclusive and open mind. In recent years, we have realized the combination of multi-enterprises and multi-wealth in the industry. We will always keep a positive and progressive attitude, learn from each other, cooperate with each other, win-win and win-win attitude, build a solid brand, and provide customers with high-quality products.