How To Quickly Find Out The Cause Of Solar Street Lamp Failure

- Apr 18, 2019-

First of all, we need to know whether the lighting time of lamps is short or not. If the lighting time is short, it indicates that the configuration of lamps has problems or the power generation of battery panels is insufficient, the reason may be that the irrational configuration is relatively small, or it may be that there is a thick layer of dust on the battery panels. This situation is relatively common in Riverside areas. The lighting time of lamps is short in winter. Continuous cloudy days are short, come out of this situation to wipe the battery board clean, according to the degree of attachment can be diligently handled; the second is not on, the lamp is not bright, the situation is more concentrated in the controller is broken or battery is broken, LED lamp head damage is less, battery board damage is less, if there are problems in the controller, the method of investigation is We use a voltmeter to measure the voltage of the battery and the voltage of the battery. If the voltage of the battery is above 12V in the daytime when there is sunshine, it means that the battery is not a problem. If the voltage of the battery is above 10v, it means that the battery is normal, then we can consider replacing a new controller to see. After replacing the lamp, it will be illuminated in one to two natural days. It's a problem of the controller. Generally, the situation that the battery and battery are not bright normally is relatively small. If we measure the voltage of the battery in the daytime below 10v, then we need to check whether the wiring of the battery is well connected. If the wiring is intact, and the battery is still low, this may be a problem of the battery, but such a situation occurs. Most of the cases are concentrated on the batteries. The voltage of the batteries is less than 10v. Generally, the first choice is that the controller has a problem, which leads to the battery discharging deficiency and can not be filled in time. Secondly, the quality of the batteries is inferior. The long-term use of the batteries results in too much internal resistance to charge and discharge normally.