In What Aspects Does LED Street Lamp Have Good Safety Performance?

- May 07, 2019-

The safety performance of LED street lamp is reflected in the quality of LED lamp head. The lamp head of the solar street lamp generally uses the LED lamp head, because the LED lamp head has its specific advantages. The quality guarantee period of the LED lamp head is 3 years, and in the process of using, it will not emit too much heat energy, which reduces the possibility of error.

The LED street lights will not suddenly go out. Solar street lamps are powered continuously by solar batteries. When rainy weather occurs, they will also illuminate the road for people without sudden extinction. Solar street lamp uses DC power supply, the probability of problems is very small.

If there is no sunshine for several days in a row. Solar street lamps use solar energy to generate electricity. That is to say, if there is no sunlight, how can the solar street lamps work normally? Solar street lamp manufacturer introduces solar street lamp itself when designing considering these aspects, we usually design according to the local rainy weather, that is to say, the local no sunshine for a few consecutive days, it is designed to meet a few days of rainy weather solar street lamp, generally can last up to a week without sunshine.