Notes Before And After Installation Of Street Lamp

- Jun 04, 2019-

Notes before installation of street lamp

Before installing street lamps, we first need to be familiar with the drawings, clear requirements, and prepare materials and tools. Then check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition. For example: whether the connecting bolts of each component are firmly bonded, whether the bearings are lubricated, and so on, the worn parts should be replaced in time. Check whether the grounding system of the motor is reliable or not, and rust removal should be carried out if the corrosion is serious. Careful inspection of the lock mother clasp of the wire rope should not have such defects as broken head, loose sleeve, etc. The wire rope itself should not be biased, loose strand, broken wire, hard injury, depression, rust and obvious wear and tear. Special attention should be paid to the splitter and the clamp of the wire rope. Finally, check the limit switch, check whether the power cable is under pressure, clamped, damaged and other phenomena before the specific steps of installing street lights.


Notes for Street Lamp Installation

After the installation of street lamp, it is necessary to ensure the completion of the maintenance work, and record the operation of motor and other important equipment. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data, the changed parts in maintenance should be recorded and revised in time. By carefully analyzing people's psychological feelings, the choice and arrangement of light source and illuminator can better meet people's basic physiological and psychological requirements, and finally prevent people from losing coordination with the light environment. It plays a vital role in traffic safety, improving traffic orientation and reducing accidents and crimes.