What Are The Problems Of LED Street Lamps

- Jun 14, 2019-

One of the problems of street lamp is the problem of light distribution. The most common form of LED street lamp is to install matrix LED in the lamp, almost in a plane. This design method can not get good light distribution. Almost all power LEDs are equipped with reflectors (or lenses), which are significantly more efficient than the reflectors of lamps.


The second problem of LED street lamp is heat dissipation. At present, the road lamp shell is made of aluminium, which can be used as radiator directly. It can not only ensure the requirements of IP protection level, but also obtain a large heat dissipation area. In addition, the radiator composed of lamp shell can be washed by natural wind and rain when dust falls, thus ensuring the continuous effectiveness of the radiator.

Finally, the problem of driving power supply for LED street lamp still exists. The requirement of LED driving circuit is to ensure the constant current output characteristic. Because the relative change area of junction voltage is very small when LED works forward, the constant driving current ensures the constant output power of LED basically.