What Are The Special Application Fields Of LED Street Lamps

- May 02, 2019-

Mainly pipelines, equipment patrol, emergency and other needs of mobile explosion-proof led lamps. In the past, halogen light bulbs were used as light source for dry battery portable lamps. They not only have low explosion-proof performance, short lamp life, large dry battery consumption, but also have low brightness and short working time. Led explosion-proof torch and led explosion-proof searchlight have become the new favorite of petrochemical workers because of their high brightness, long working hours and maintenance-free advantages, and gradually eliminated those traditional emergency lights. In the application of indoor equipment such as pump house, the main indoor equipment is pump and other indoor equipment. The lighting area is equipment and instruments. The equipment height of lamps and lanterns is usually 4-6 meters, and the illumination requirement is about 30 LUX.

The main outdoor or indoor equipment in petrochemical plant area is tower, tank, pipeline, etc. The local lighting area is instrument equipment or pedestrian passage, etc. The equipment height of lamps and lanterns is usually 2-4 meters, and the illumination is usually about 20 LUX. Because most areas are zones 1 or 0, the demand for explosion-proof performance of lamps is extremely strict. The basic demand for explosion-proof grade or above is mostly outdoor areas. The demand for lamps has good waterproof and corrosion resistance. At the same time, most areas are high altitude areas of several meters or even hundreds of meters, high temperature and high pressure. It is very difficult to replace and maintain lamps.