What Factors Should Be Considered In The Correct Selection Of LED Street Lamps

- May 14, 2019-

In order to choose a suitable LED street lamp, we need to consider the luminous efficiency of street lamp first. The technology of LED lighting is becoming more and more mature. High-power LED light source can meet the luminous flux of general street lamp. Usually the luminous flux of high-pressure sodium lamp is 100LM/W, and the commonly used high-power LED is 50-60LM/W. The best LED chip abroad can achieve 80LM/W. The higher the luminous efficiency, the better the energy-saving effect, which is also one of the most important indicators for the selection of LED street lamp. In addition, the light attenuation of LED street lamp is also one of the factors to be considered. As a street lamp that needs long-term use, it is absolutely not allowed to use this kind of low-power led. The light attenuation of high-power LED (generally refers to more than 30W) is much better.

The street lamp of LED is also the factor that we need to consider when choosing. This aspect is mainly light. Finally, we need to understand the heat dissipation of LED street lamp. When LED is a semiconductor component and its wafer is affected by temperature and reduced to 30% of the initial light flux, it will lose the illumination significance, that is, the end of life. In theory, the life of high-power LED street lamp is between 30,000 and 50,000. Hours, but its important premise is good heat dissipation.