Solar Powered Street Lamp

This kind of Solar Powered Street Lamp is composed of solar cell modules made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, brackets, lamp poles, lamp holders, special bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, and cages.
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Product Details

Product Introduction 

This kind of Solar Powered Street Lamp is composed of solar cell modules made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, brackets, lamp poles, lamp holders, special bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, and cages. The key components such as solar panels, solar DC streetlight intelligent controllers, maintenance-free batteries, and lighting fixtures, all of which have passed the National Development and Reform Commission/GEF/World Bank PV product certification. In addition, it contains no harmful elements such as mercury or antimony, which is good for recycling and utilization, and will not cause electromagnetic interference. The Solar Powered Street Lamp uses Solar panels to convert the sun's radiant power into electrical energy, then send it to a battery for storage, or push the load to work. It is very popular with our customers, and the application of it is conductive to our environment. 

Parameters of LED lamp

led lamp

LED Power


Fixture Materials

ADC12 die-cast aluminum

Chip Brand

Philips Bridgelux

Chip type

3030 chip

Luminous Distribution

Bat wing shape

LED rated Luminous Efficiency


LED Luminous Efficiency


Color Temperature



≥ Ra70

LED Lifespan

> 50000h

IP Grade


Working Temperature


Working Humidity


Parameters of Solar Panel

solar panel

Module Type

Mono crystalline

Range Power


Power Tolerance


Solar Cell

Mono crystalline 156*156mm

Cell efficiency


Module efficiency


Operating temperature


Type of connector

MC4 ( Optional )

Nominal operating cell temperature



More than 25 years

Parameters of Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery


Lithium iron phosphate Battery

Operating Voltage


Rated capacity


Battery storage working temperature


Working humidity

No more than 85% RH

Rating Current


Protection Mode

Overcharge, over-discharge and overload protection, as well as short-circuit and reverse connection protection

Controller Efficiency



5~7 years

Parameters of Street Light pole

street light pole


Q235 Steel


Octagonal or Conical




Hot dip galvanized (average 100 micron)

Powder Coating

Customized powder coating color

Wind Resistance

Designed to with stand wind speed of 160km/hr

Life Span

>20 years

Parameters of Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt


Q235 Steel

Bolts and Nuts Material

Stainless Steel


Cold dip galvanized process ( optional )


Detachable, helping to save transport space and cost

We have different kinds of Solar Powered Street Lamps. The above configuration is only for reference and the actual configuration is designed according to the local climate conditions and the customer special requirements.


Compared with the traditional incandescent street lamp powered by high voltage, the Solar Powered Street Lamp has great differences in product characteristics, material structure and power supply lines. It is a kind of traffic road condition illumination lamp that our country uses solar energy as the external power supply of street lamp. In urban life, it plays a very important role and is the eye of our travel and night life.

In addition, it has the properties of green, energy-saving, consumption-reducing, long service life, stable product structure, with very good social and economic benefits.

Applied photos of solar powered street lamp

The Solar Powered Street Lamp can be widely used in urban main and secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

Products details 

Detail of Solar powered  street lamp

Detail of Solar powered  street lamp

Product qualification 

Production details of solar powered street lamp

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