Sodium Street Light

Sodium lamp is sodium vapor discharge produces an electric light source of visible light. Sodium lamp divides low-pressure sodium lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp.
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 Product Introduction 

Sodium lamp is sodium vapor discharge produces an electric light source of visible light. Sodium lamp divides low-pressure sodium lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp. Generally sodium street light lamp power is 120-1000W. The product can be used in road, airport terminal, port, station, square, no color requirements of industrial and mining lighting. Used as street lamp sodium lamp can produce good road visibility at night. This kind of orange light, in foggy day transmission force is strong and downy, the object below this kind of lamplight, can see very clearly. Therefore, many important roads and artificial lighting use the sodium lamps to reduce car accidents.

Parameters of sodium lamp

sodium lamp

Lamp Power


Light source type

Sodium lamp

Lamp body Material

Die-casting Aluminum

Lamp Holder

Ceramic E27 or E40 with multi-position support

Reflective equipment quality

High purity aluminum

IP Rating


Impact Resistance


Lamps and lanterns for way

After the qualification

Parameters of sodium Street Light pole

street light pole


Q235 Steel


Octagonal or Conical




Hot dip galvanized (average 100 micron)

Powder Coating

Customized powder coating color

Wind Resistance

Designed to with stand wind speed of 160km/hr

Life Span

>20 years

Parameters of Anchor Bolt

Anchor Bolt


Q235 Steel

Bolts and Nuts Material

Stainless Steel


Cold dip galvanized process ( optional )


Detachable, helping to save transport space and cost

The above configuration is only for reference and the actual configuration is designed according to the local climate conditions and the customer special requirements.


The low-pressure sodium lamp system has the characteristics of high light efficiency, low temperature rise, light weight, low power consumption and high power factor. The low-pressure sodium lamp radiates monochromatic yellow light with general color rendering. It is suitable for lighting places with high requirements for illumination but no requirements for color rendering, such as highways, elevated railways, highways, tunnels, Bridges, ports, embankments, freight yards, building signs and all kinds of building security and anti-theft lighting.

The high-pressure sodium lamp will emit gold white light when it is used. Widely used in roads, highways, airports, docks, docks, stations, squares, street interchange, industrial and mining enterprises, parks, garden lighting and plant cultivation. High color rendering high pressure sodium lamp is mainly used in stadiums, exhibition halls, casinos, department stores and hotels and other places lighting.

Applied photos of sodium street light


Detail of sodium street light

De casting aluminum housing. with smoothly surface. Integrated with hinge.

polyester powder coated. anti corrosion and UV proof.

High purity aluminum reflector treated with anodic oxidation and oxide fim seal, ensures high reflection ratio.

High temperature resistant silicone rubber seal, better waterproof and dust proof performance ensure the IP65 protection rating.


Production details of sodium street light

Delivery, Shipping and Serving  

Deliver,Shipping and Serving of  sodium  Street Light

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